Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And now a word about South West Trains

I have just arrived back in London from Bournemouth and I am currently waiting at Waterloo for the commuter service to leave. It could have been so different. I got the South West Train service at 5pm from Bournemouth having used the afternoon to load more photos onto the party's website. Listed amongst the stations at which the train was due to stop was Clapham Junction. Ideal for me as it is on the commuter route to my flat. But when we got to Woking, Clapham Junction had disappeared from the list. So I had to go on to Waterloo and brave the rush hour on the tube - not easy with large suitcase, camera case, laptop case, briefcase and of course, a bag of groceries bought for the Vince Cable photo op which we have still not eaten.

So, I have decided to have a quibble about the other things about South West Trains I didn't like. Firstly, where are you supposed to put luggage? No wracks at the end of cars and the overhead wracks hardly hold a briefcase, never mind a suitcase. It is all the more odd given that the South West is a popular holiday area so trains are bound to be full of holiday makers with big suitcases.

And then there was the train guard who made an announcement that no one on the train could understand.

Tomorrow I head home. I will be tempted to forgive National Express.

Anyway, enough of this. Let's get on to conference instead. I don't know about you but mine was successful. Thanks to everyone who came to my photo ops. They were the best attended yet. In fact, more people attended the ops at this conference than at the previous three conferences put together.

Meanwhile being in the rugby scrum around Nick after the Leader's speech gets to be more fun each time I do it!

Coming soon is the Practical Blood Sports Association annual conference in Manchester. It would have been fun to go to the Labour conference just to experience the civil war and the mayhem. Alas, I have 2000 photos to sort out and send out to people instead.

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