Tuesday, September 16, 2008

From smoking to vegetarianism - the man at the front of conference spins his message

For as long as I have been going to conferences (over more years than I care to admit) the same guy has been out the front of the conference centre with his homemade banners calling for a smoking ban in public places. He is here at this conference, as you would expect.

But now that there is smoking ban in place in public places, he really doesn't have much to protest about. So he has turned his hand to promoting vegetarianism instead. But to be on the safe side, he is keeping up his anti-smoking message.

His homemade banner is now double sided. The front calls for vegetarianism and the reverse attacks smoking actors. So he hasn't let his old campaign go up in flames after all. He'll keep trying to smoke out the issue.....I think that's enough of that!

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