Sunday, September 28, 2008

First results from our cost of living survey

Today we launched our Cost of Living Survey in Blaydon constituency. We deliverately chose an area where we had not done a survey before and that was, at least previously, strongly Labour. I thought it would be good to test the survey to destruction before rolling it out to the rest of the constituency. So we printed 300 copies and Peter Maughan (our PPC) and I went down to the village of Kibblesworth. When we finished delivering I said that I would be well pleased if we got 30 replies. Peter went back at 6pm to collect the replies from letter boxes. He came back with 29, which makes me one short of being well pleased. However, we are likely to get more back by post through the week.

Questions cover how people are responding to rising food and power prices, whether they have cut back on buying certain goods and on heating their home. Also, people are asked about Gordon Brown's handling of the economy and about Nick Clegg's proposals for cutting income tax paid by those on low and middle income.

Once we have run the survey over a larger area we will publish the overall results. Any Lib Dem member wanting a copy of the survey can contact me at Cowley St.

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