Monday, September 29, 2008

A return to "Liberal Demolition"

Readers may recall that a copy of the so-called "Liberal Demolition" fell into my hands a couple of months ago. This rag is the fruit of the fertile mind of Labour MP John (The Toothless Attack Dog) Spellar MP and his interesting publication brought hours of endless amusement to me (and allowed me to write reams of blog posts as well).

One of his big attacks on the Lib Dems was an allegation that the party is "soft on crime" because of our policy on community justice. Listening to the Labour party, you would be forgiven for thinking such a system would lead to the collapse of civilisation, death and mayhem on the streets and the destruction of all the western world holds dear!

Never let it be said that Labour ever allows inconsistency to get in the way of a good story. The Ministry of Justice has now announced 6 pilots to test out community justice throughout the country. Minister in the Justice Department (which will be overseeing the pilots) is none other than David Hanson MP, the person quoted in "Liberal Demolition" article about the Lib Dems saying "the Lib Dems have shown once again they can’t be taken seriously on crime and anti-social behaviour."

Alas, Mr Hanson seems to have had a very rapid change of heart. Areas where the community justice pilots are to be carried out include Lib Dem strongholds in Devon, Cornwall and Hull.

Nice one David!

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