Friday, September 12, 2008

Those photo ops - venues and timings

As promised, here are the photo ops for members at conference. The first is not organised by me but I'm doing Liberal Youth a favour by promoting it (they did after all help me with some of the props for my photo ops).

Saturday 13th September 2.30pm – 3pm: BIC Entrance: Liberal Youth and Votes at 16

With youth violence, knife crime and antisocial behaviour constantly in the media and one of the top issues with voters, Votes at 16 is a solid Lib Dem cause that provides the foundation for a positive approach to re-engage young people in society and demonstrate to them that they are valued. Have your picture taken with Liberal Youth members and Votes at 16 campaigners dressed up as things you can do at 16.

Contact Elaine Bagshaw, Liberal Youth Chair, 07910230652, or Ben Rawlings, 07917247928 to book a photo with the campaign.

Sunday 14th September: 11.30am - 12.30pm Tregonwell Hall, BIC

What would the UK look like if the polar ice caps melted? Have your photo taken with Steve Webb MP and a map of what’s left of the UK after the floods.

Sunday 14th September: 3.30pm-4.30pm Tregonwell Hall, BIC

With the cost of basics such as food and fuel rising sharply, inflation is now a big political issue. Have your photo taken with Vince Cable MP and two baskets of groceries, one showing the cost last year and another showing the higher cost for the same goods now.

Monday 15th September: 2.30pm-3.30pm Highcliffe Hotel garden

Post Offices - Rest in Peace. Join Sarah Teather MP at the grave of over 4,000 post offices closed by the government, complete with a gravestone.
(This event is taking place in the garden overlooking the cliffs and beach.)

Wednesday 17th September: 10.30am - 11am pavement at rear of BIC

12 billion carrier bags are handed out in the UK each year. Join in the group shot with Steve Webb MP and a line of carrier bags amounting to what an average household would use each year.

Portrait shots only

Tuesday 16th September: 10am-11am Tregonwell Hall, BIC
This session is simply to have your portrait taken.

What you have to do

For the Votes at 16 photo op, please contact Elaine Bagshaw, Liberal Youth Chair, 07910230652, or Ben Rawlings, 07917247928 to book a photo with the campaign.

To make use of the other photo ops, all you have to do is turn up. However, it will help us if you could email with your name, local party and which events you are attending.

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