Friday, September 05, 2008

Somewhere in London, Labour members were eating apple pie

Strange political friendships can develop these days. I was given some apples recently by a friend who works for the Labour party. They were picked from a tree in the garden belonging to the Labour constituency office in question. So I have kindly turned them into a large batch of apple pies which today fed both the Labour constituency office and the 3rd floor of Cowley St. Who says cross party cooperation is dead!? This all of course begs questions about motherhood......

I am now on the train to Newcastle, having just left Kings Cross. Sticking with the food theme, someone is sitting next to me eating a disgusting-smelling burger with chips that make a hissing noise when he bites into them. And sitting just ahead of me (and admittedly I'm now breaking with the food theme) is someone who seems to talk constantly without stopping for breath. Yes, you can tell, I am continuing to enjoy the delights of National Express travel where yet again, the seat I booked on the website is not the one that corresponds with what is on my ticket. Well, there's a surprise.

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