Friday, January 27, 2017

Having Trump as President is torture enough

We now live in strange times and we learnt today that Trump supports the use of torture. He seems intent however on torturing the whole world. Today his victims include Mexico who learnt via Twitter that their President wasn't welcome at the Whitehouse if he did not bring a few billion dollars to pay for Trump's Wall. Trump's approach to international relations however highlights the dangers ahead for Britain. He wants bilateral, rather than multilateral, trade agreements. A bilateral approach means that the US will always be the strongest in any trade discussions. It's hardly surprising that he seems to despise the EU, whose multilateral approach is the opposite to his. Theresa May is desperate for a trade deal with the US. She will take whatever crumbs will be thrown her way by Trump. Such a deal could never be as good as what we have already in the Single Market.

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