Sunday, January 22, 2017

Heath Robinson invades Lib Dem office

folding machine Jan 17

While sane people are spending Friday evenings at home, obsessive campaigners like me are at the local Lib Dem office in Consett carrying a huge tonnage of new equipment up a flight of 22 stairs. The new kit we were installing was a new folding machine. Frankly it looked like something from Heath Robinson. This folding machine works like an industrial strength hair dryer. It took 4 of us to get it up the stairs. At least I was able to print another Focus afterwards, though the new folding machine was not at that point in working order. We therefore employed our trusty old folder which must, by now, have folded literally millions of sheets of paper.

Now that the Focus is printed, I will be hitting the streets with it in the coming days.

Focus printing Jan 17 1

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