Sunday, February 19, 2017

I was in Sweden last week.....

Stockholm Jonathan Wallace Feb 16 1

I was in Sweden last week, Stockholm to be precise, visiting museums and sampling Swedish food. There were some migrants there, working in the cafes, bars and restaurants. They were nearly all from the UK or Ireland - certainly the ones I spoke to were. There was also an ethnic minority community which appeared to be well-integrated. There were no signs of simmering discontent from anyone other than 3 protesters outside the royal palace who appeared to be from the far right.

So last night I was rather surprised to hear Trump's claim that Sweden had just suffered a major terrorist attack caused by migrants. Terrorist attack? What terrorist attack? There wasn't one. Trump had simply made the whole story up. It seems he is suffering from the political equivalent of Tourette's Syndrome, uncontrollably pouring out offensive claims without any thought as to whether or not they are true. It's worrying that he is now the most powerful person on the planet.

And this is all the more remarkable in that he attacked the media for "fake news" in the same speech.

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