Saturday, February 04, 2017

In the Independent and Daily Mail

Sage Gateshead Dec 16 1

Our motion to Gateshead Council calling for no council resources to be used on the Trump state visit has attracted a great deal of interest, including from both the Independent and Daily Mail. The Independent did the decent thing and phoned me. I did the interview from one of my goat houses. I was in the middle of cleaning it out when they called. The resulting coverage included material taken from the video of my speech to the council meeting. It is balanced and reasonable and can be read on this link.

The Daily Mail made no contact with me and chose to write instead a sneering article implying Gateshead was a place not to be visited and that nothing happens here. They claimed Gateshead was "mocked" for the refusal to support the Trump visit. And the evidence for this - a tweet from a resident. You can read the Mail article on this link.

And for the edification of the Daily Fail, I've included some photos I took recently of the Sage, one of the best live music centres in the UK, the neighbouring Baltic Art Gallery, one of the biggest modern art exhibition spaces in the UK and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, now one of the iconic modern bridges of the UK (the modernity may be what troubles the Daily Fail). There's plenty going on here. If the journalists responsible for the article want to visit us, I'll happily show them around.

Baltic Art Gallery Dec 16 1

Gateshead Millennium Bridge Dec 16 (4)

Tyne Bridges Dec 16 2

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nigel hunter said...

The Daily FAIL. I hear that Paul Dacre of this paper has been a hater of the EU for many years. However unlike Farage who has openly 'come out' about his hatred of it Dacre lurks under the parapet and knifes from the back afraid to show his face Cameron asked him to give him some slack in the referendum debate but he did not. Two angry kids 'getting' at each other? Yes he should go to Gateshead and see the real World.