Monday, October 30, 2006

The Gallipoli Landings

Sunday 29th October

The Discovery headed south from Bulgaria on Saturday evening and in the early hours of Sunday morning was makings its way through the Bosphorus from where we started nearly two weeks ago. As it was the early hours and I was tucked up in bed in my cabin, I missed the chance to see again the Bosphorus suspension bridges again. Other passengers did stay up til 3am to watch as we sailed under them. Frankly I was too tired!

The ship was at sea for the whole day, heading through the Marmara and then the Straits of Gallipoli. It did a detour close to land so we could see the main Gallipoli landing beaches from the 1915 campaign. This was followed by a wreath laying ceremony (special permission had to be sought from the Turkish authorities for this as dropping anything overboard is not permitted.)

The evening saw the dinner jacket being dusted down for the second time on this holiday. Yes, it was the Captain's farewell dinner! Quite what the dinner will be called on Monday evening we are yet to be told.

We also went to a party for people who have previously travelled on the ship. Over a free glass of champagne, we were told about forthcoming tours. I have my eye on the Antarctic one! All I have to do is remortgage the house to pay for it!


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