Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The cheapest meal I have ever bought comes at a price

I left the office in Cowley Street at about 9.15pm and called into Sainsburys on Victoria Street to get something for dinner. It was the cheapest dinner I have ever bought. For 59p I bought a bag of bagels, a bag of pork sausages and an onion. I am not a vegetarian but I rarely buy meat when in London. Meat production is more environmentally damaging than non meat production. Animal welfare is not what it should be. So I largely cut out meat when in London, though I make the occasional foray into the meat menu when eating out. But at 19p for eight sausages, I let the strict regime slip for once.

As I left the shop I was asked by a rough sleeper for some money for a cup of tea. I ended up giving him all my spare change, which came to more than my shopping bill. There again, a cup of tea in London is not cheap. It was only a couple of minutes later that I thought it would have been a good idea to give him some of the bagels I had bought. I had six in total. I didn't need that many. Too late to go back.

So when I got back to the flat I fried 4 sausages and sat down to watch BBC News 24. And there was a feature about intensively reared chickens suffering poor welfare because they grow too quickly for their legs to hold their weight. It reminded me again why I have cut down on meat. Cheap food comes at a price.

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