Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm on camera duty at conference

I notice that Stephen Tall on Lib Dem Voice has dubbed me words to the effect of the "Hello" magazine photographer of the Lib Dem blogosphere. This proved to be not quite the Tall story it could otherwise have been, after today, that is.

My original planning for spring conference scheduled in two photo ops for candidates and campaigners. That got bumped up to three following a request by the Campaigns Dept. Then after discussions with the Leader's office, the number of photo ops went up to 4. All of these are scheduled for Saturday 8th March.

Then a couple of weeks ago, when I was working at home, Conference Office called me to ask me to photograph a reception and the rally on the Friday evening, 7th March.

Then today, I found I am covering, at least in part, the Leader's tour of the exhibition area. And for good measure, Deidre, who edits Lib Dem News, arrived at my desk this afternoon and booked me in to cover much of what was left of conference!

The power of photographs! So memo to self: remember to take camera recharger and back up batteries!

And watch out Stephen, more exclusive Hello style photos coming your way in the near future!

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