Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow doubt about it

I had an email from David today. He had gone home early because heavy snow would make it difficult to get back from work if he left it any longer. But he does work in the wilds of Co Durham.

Then I got an email from a Gateshead Council officer telling me it was snowing and I would be better staying in London!

And tonight I got a text from Richard who is in north Wales rather than looking after the flat in London and, you guessed it, it's snowing there as well.

I'm on the train to Newcastle now and I've just passed Peterborough. Not a flake in sight, so far. Not sure when I will hit the snow, and I just hope David can drive from our village to Newcastle to pick me up from the Central Station when I arrive.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to be shooting a video. I have the people lined up for it. Not sure whether the weather will allow it.

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