Friday, February 01, 2008

Tea time on the train

Picture the scene. The buffet car on the National Express train heading north. Customer arrives. Asks for a cup of tea. "Milk and sugar sir?" One milk, no sugar, replied the weary traveller who picked up one small carton of milk and dropped it into the bag that he will use to carry his cup back to his seat in coach E. At that point, the person serving him grabs a pile of paper napkins and a drink stirrer and pushes them into the bag. The customer doesn't want them but is too polite to return them and point out the sheer waste they constitute. Instead, he returns to his seat wishing he had not after all spent one pound 45p on a cup of tea which will produce yet more needless rubbish to fill up a landfill site.

I must stop buying tea on the train I think.

Talking of cutting down on waste, Cowley St colleagues are now providing me with a regular supply of empty jam jars and empty cava and champagne bottles (I use the latter for making elderflower champagne). But some colleagues have also pointed out that the homemade jam has run out in the first floor kitchen. I've got a stock in the flat which we shipped down from Gateshead before Christmas. So to colleagues who read this blog on a worryingly frequent basis, I can inform you that it is jam tomorrow - or rather on Tuesday. As for the other edible goodies I have sort of promised, watch this space......

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