Wednesday, February 13, 2008

City Fox

I walked up Victoria St this morning, heading to Westminster. As I arrived at Westminster Abbey, a fox ran out across the road, successfully negotiating the traffic and heading towards the QE Conference Centre.

At first I was surprised to see a fox in the heart of Westminster. But there again, the place must be a treasure trove of food for them. All those pigeons and rats. And of course, all that food that people so carelessly throw away.

Coincidentally, I saw a fox outside my house in the London suburbs last night. I wonder whether we will get any in our garden in Gateshead? We have an occasional visit from a hedgehog but no foxes yet.

1 comment:

Tristan said...

You've got quite a few green spaces around there too, plenty of places for foxes to live.

We have local foxes in West London, one night one kept on waking me up barking. I couldn't work out what it was at first...

As for city foxes - the thought of a hunt going through central London always amused me...