Monday, February 04, 2008

It's not daylight yet

It was dark when I got up this morning. My arms and legs were suffering from the hard work we put in on the allotment over the weekend. But I caught a couple of minutes of BBC Breakfast just after 7am in which the presenter made some comment about the spring arriving early and it already being daylight in London.

Well, it wasn't daylight on Tyneside (just wait til summer arrives - we have much longer days up north!) As for spring arriving early, it didn't feel like that on Saturday when we slithered about the allotment in the snow, or Sunday when I had to be heavily wrapped up to go out leafletting in one of our target wards.

I even took a print run back to my house on Saturday from our office to dry it off in the warmth before returning it to the office in the evening to print the back page.

I am of course now on the train heading to London with the sun streaming in through the window. As usual, wake me up when we get to Kings Cross.

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