Monday, February 25, 2008

Let Cowley St cake eat cake

Well, it's my usual Monday morning blog from the train. So after a weekend of writing, printing and delivering Focuses, visiting constituents and hedge trimming on the allotment, what can I report? For Cowley St colleagues I have great news! You will be eating cake!

For the uninitiated, here's the story about what happened. In the new openplan office into which the Communications team was moved a couple of months ago, office conversations and chitchat now involve a larger number of people than previously. So during a discussion last week, involving the use of my now famous (for HQ staff) jam, I inadvertently suggested we could do with one of the chocolate and banana cakes that David occasionally makes. Following some extreme pressure from colleagues (three polite requests and the bribe of a mug of tea) I agreed to volunteer David's cookery services for the benefit of colleagues.

So the cake is currently sitting in a box on the rack above my head here on the train. My best guess is that it won't last longer that lunchtime. So, to colleagues, get the plates ready! See you in a few hours.

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