Thursday, February 14, 2008

A good media day

Just back from doing Tyne Tees TV about the Angel of the North, from the site itself. I had a look at the video when I got home. It seemed to go okay. Just listening to the Radio Newcastle article about the Angel. I recorded a bit for it last Friday.

It has been quite a successful media day. I had a 2 page spread in the Evening Chronicle with the photos I took of the Get Carter car park. And I also had a bit about it in the Journal this morning. Meanwhile one of my press releases got Peter Maughan, our Parliamentary candidate for Blaydon, on the front page of the local free newspaper. And our regional Sunday tabloid, Sunday Sun, has interviewed me about eco towns and wants to take a photo of me at one of the suggested sites.


kevin scott said...

Wow, good work.

But,did anyone ask how eco towns are related to our open-door immigration policy?

Or how they will actually resolve the issues related to unsustainable population growth and the use of finite resources?

kevin scott said...

Thought not!