Monday, February 11, 2008

Frost and mist

It was just starting to get light this morning when I got up. It was only when we left the house that we found the place was frosted up. Sunniside is on top of a hill so as we drove out of the village and down Watergate Bank, we hit the mist that was filling the Tyne and Teams Valleys. When we went past the Dunston Rocket block on the A1, we could see the top half of the building hovering above the mist with the bottom half buried deep in the mist. It would have made a good photo but the camera was packed away in my camera bag, and would have needed a nimble pair of hands to get hold of it and attach the lens in the few seconds it took to drive past the building.

I am now on the train heading to London. It will be a short week there. I am coming home on Wednesday evening as I am on the Tyne Tees evening news on Thursday about the Angel of the North statue, which is celebrating its tenth birthday.

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