Tuesday, February 05, 2008

MP's website entry suddenly disappears

Yesterday I blogged about the appearance in our regional press of the story of how Blaydon Labour MP David Anderson had taken two completely contradictory positions within the space of two days on foreign footballers coming to the UK. I also pointed out that his own website explained why, in his own words, he was "facing both ways at the same time". I rather like the term he used and suggested in my blog that the wording may find its way into future publications by me.

Alas, following this, Mr Anderson has rather quickly removed the article from his website. The problem for Dave is - the damage has already been done! Anyway Dave, thanks for the line on this one. You'll see it on literature going out in your constituency soon!

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kevin scott said...

Didn't spot Anderson at PMQs today.

However, David Clelland asked a question.

And, this time, it was actually a question!

Wonders will never cease!