Monday, February 04, 2008

MP's own goal hits the press

Last week I wrote about the Labour MP for Blaydon, David Anderson, backing an early day motion attacking football clubs for employing foreign footballers. Mr Anderson's support for the motion was at odds with an EDM he himself sponsored 2 days later which attacked the powers that be for not issuing a work permit to, ahem, errr....a foreign footballer to come to the UK to play for Man City!

Well, I am pleased to say that somehow this story hit the North East regional press on Saturday. (I wonder who caused that to happen!?) Our regional paper, the Evening Chronicle, carried it as a page leade, under the headline "MP's own goal"! Joy joy joy! It was interesting reading and quite challenging to follow Mr Anderson's explanation. He was , he claimed, being "consistent" as the footballer in question was a "special case"

Mr Anderson's website also lovingly reproduced Mr Anderson's contortions (not a pretty sight!) and justified why he was "facing both ways at the same time." This was not a term I had used in this context, but thank you very much. I am sure it will appear in a leaflet soon!

Anyway, I have bucket loads more on Mr Anderson's distinctly interesting posturing and contortions on a wide range of issues. I'll be highlighting them on an occasional basis over the coming weeks and months! Enjoy!

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