Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cutting the cash to Labour MPs

What a joy it was to read that the GMB union is no longer to waste its members money on handouts to various Labour MPs. I was particularly interested to see that Durham City MP Roberta Blackman Woods has been politely told to take her financial demands elsewhere.

I am interested in that case as my friend Carol Woods is the Lib Dem candidate there and Roberta Deadwood's majority over CW is only 3000. Apparently, Deadwood has had thousands of pounds previously extracted from GMB members.

The GMB is telling the world that the cash is being cut off as these MPs aren't supporting GMB policy. That is code for saying they are a dreadful waste of space and the GMB seriously regret signing cheques to them. So it is of great interest that soon to be evicted Gateshead East MP Sharon Hodgson is also being turned down for GMB handouts. Taking the money from her just seems to be adding insult to injury but enjoyable nevertheless.

And finally, to Lib Dem parliamentary candidates, I did finish the first draft of Parliamentary Campaigner this morning and it will go through its revision tomorrow. You should have it soon.
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Anonymous said...

Aha ! So that's why David Anderson publicly campaigns for things then quietly votes against them in Westminster.

Anonymous said...

Of course it is. He's promoting and publicly campaigning for Unison policy whilst doing the opposite indoors. Perhaps he'll be the next one to have money withdrawn ?