Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shouldn't Osborne and Redwood be at each other's throats?

I was woken by the whinging accent of George Osborne on GMTV this morning. Today's populist campaign from the Tories was to demand a cap on interest rates charged by store cards so that they are brought into line with other credit cards. Quite how this unworkable policy would work in practice, given the large differences in other credit card interest rates, was never explained.

This does of course, completely conflict with what the John Redwood Tory economic report had to say last year on such matters. Basically, state intervention of this nature was savaged by JR. His report was widely praised in the Tory party at the time, including by Cameron.

This is of course an example of the Tories saying anything, no matter how contradictory, to get noticed. Have they been getting lessons from Blaydon Labour MP David Anderson!?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. I had to meet Dad last night. He had come down to London for a few days to stay with us in the flat. I was of course late as I had to complete three different publications before leaving the office. Fortunately, the Parliamentary Campaigner was done and should now be with Parliamentary candidates. Also launched down the slipway was the next North East Democrat. That's now with members throughout the North East. And finally, my next email newsletter to constituents was completed and sent. It was edition number 50. Half way to a century and its only been going for five years.

Our cat Jess has rather taken a shine to Dad. But there again, anyone prepared to feed and fuss over her suddenly becomes her new best friend!

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Anonymous said...

Is your memory becoming poor ? John Major and his party of poodles were saying anything to try and remain in power in the 1990's, so the things the Cons will be saying this time round will be even worse.