Friday, June 06, 2008

Heading home

I am now on the train heading home. Thankfully this time it has not been cancelled or delayed.

Alan's funeral is to be on Wednesday, at 1pm in St Mary's Church, Whickham. I sent out an email bulletin to constituents about the date and time. Many have asked me over the last few days when it is to be.

I tried to book rail tickets for the coming week on the National Express website tonight. I left it to the last moment, not knowing until last night when the funeral will be. As I got to the last stage the website page crashed. So I will have to book them tomorrow (I had to leave the office at that point to go to Kings Cross to head home). It probably means the last cheap ticket I thought I bought tonight will be long gone.

I also got a message from David today to say he had been down to the allotment. We are, it seems, to spend much of the weekend weeding. Since I spent much of last Saturday doing the same, this raises the possibility that the thistles and other weeds growing on our land are enjoying the manure and soil conditioner we so thoughtfully put down for our spuds, peas, beans, onions, carrots, chard, parsnips etc.

Meanwhile, in our garden in London I have 40 sycamore seedlings growing. This is my very own carbon offset. In a few years' time I will be looking for good homes for them! And with 40 new seedlings growing each year, perhaps I will need someone to take on a ready to plant forest!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your colleague, Jonathan.


What a horrible self-seeding monster that tree is.

Its only redeeming feature is the helicopter seeds which are fun to throw around (and perhaps explain why it is so invasive!)

It is also an immigrant and non-native tree.

An ideal tree for a Liberal Democrat, methinks!