Friday, June 27, 2008

Setting off for Petra and news of Henley arrives

I have come out to Jordan to wander around the ruins of Petra (amongst doing other things). And as I left the hotel this morning and headed to the site, news of another ruin arrived by the marvels of technology. Labour had come fifth in Henley. 3rd was what could have been expected but to be beaten by the Greens and BNP puts this byelection into the history books.

I will be back in UK on Saturday to take part in the celebrations.

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kevin scott said...

Not much for your party to celebrate, Jonathan.

Even the Guardian thinks that!

Andrea Cave said...

Does that mean there's quite alot for the Greens and the BNP to celebrate ?

My mother-in-law, who lives in Henley (best place for her!) says the by election was a negative and disappointing campaign by all the parties.

kevin scott said...

Of course Andrea, beating the ruling party in a parliamentary by-election is good news for those smaller parties (added to the fact it is a year since Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair).

Those PR men who run the Tory party know what they are doing (at least in terms of the timing of by-elections).

Anonymous said...

Let's see if Labour can be pushed into 6th place in Glasgow.

Could you just imagine it ?