Sunday, June 01, 2008

Some photos from the past few weeks

Well, no Wallace blog post can go for long without some photos. So here is a completely random selection of photos from the past few weeks.

25 bottles of home made elderflower champagne. Leave to ferment for 10 weeks then enjoy.

This carefully posed picture of me on our allotment in Sunniside, Gateshead, is designed ot make it look as if I am doing lots of back-breaking manual work.
David snapped this one of me walking around the allotment. The photo taken before this one was of me topless. In the interest of good taste, it is not appearing on this blog!
A picture from April, taken in our flat in London. Richard rescued this hedgehog from being attacked by foxes a couple of streets away. We then released it into our garden but instead of eating all the snails, it simply moved on.

Taken from the room I use as an office in my house in Sunniside, looking out to the village of Streetgate, I snapped this rainbow the end of which appears to be in our allotment behind the house in the left hand corner. We are still digging but haven't yet found the pot of gold!
Will Howells turned 29 but after all these years he remains surgically attached to his electronic devices!
Stunned as he stepped into the room, Andrew Reeves is presented with his leaving gift of tokens for John Lewis (or was it just his eviction-from-Cowley-Street notice!?)
Meanwhile, whilst Andrew is busy talking, Debs and Ernest tuck into cake and cava.
Flash back to 2nd May and this was taken outside the count in Gateshead. Lib Dem group secretary Cllr Christine McHatton somehow finds Labour Cllr Stuart Green's new fashion accessories rather amusing. Anyway, get well soon Stuart! (It is still a mystery to us how he got his injuries, whilst out campaigning for the Labour party!)

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