Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saying goodbye to Alan

There were hundreds of people at the funeral service today for my ward colleague Councillor Alan Ord. Residents, members, school governors, councillors and officers were present. I had asked Marilynn, my other ward colleague and Alan's wife, on Monday if I could take a photo outside the church of people attending the service. This is the photo of just a few of those who came to pay their last respects. My intention is that I use it in our next ward Focus to be produced in the summer.

I have included a second picture. This is of Alan and Marilynn which I snapped in Gateshead Civic Centre on the day in January 2006 when he returned to his council duties after recovering from a major operation. I think it is one of the best pictures I have taken of them both together.

Marilynn was, understandably, unable to attend the planning committee this morning when she was due to speak against an application to demolish an historic house in the Grange Lane area of our ward and build five houses on the site. I stood in for her. I can report that the application was rejected.

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