Sunday, June 08, 2008

No politics - doing the allotment instead

No politics, no meetings, no leaflets this weekend. It is all off the agenda until after Alan's funeral on Wednesday. It meant a weekend spent on the allotment attacking the weeds. I had to ship over 85 litres of water (from my Saturday evening bath) to water the plants. We have a 25 litre and a 10 litre water carrier. The larger one we put on a porter's trolley to get to the allotment. I'm sure the plants appreciate the efforts we go to! Whether or not they like having to drink my Saturday evening soak is another thing. Still, if I keep saying to others that reuse and recycling are important, then I must practice what I preach. Hence the recycling of the contents of the bath tub.

One thing I did have a go at on Saturday was making nettle tea. It is the first time I have tried making it (I've made nettle soup and nettle flans before, but not tea). So, I decided to do it on video. Here's the result:

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