Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Nearly late for Downing St photos

I had been booked in to take photos and video this afternoon for Jo Swinson MP handing in a petition to Downing St about a hospice in her constituency. I very nearly forgot to turn up. Well, it be more accurate, I did forget to turn up until I was phoned by Jo's secretary as they were standing at the entrance to Downing St! I made it over in five minutes from Cowley St. Good exercise, as Jo said!

It is slightly different to the last photo shoot I did in Downing St a couple of months ago. This was for a group of MPs, one of whom was very late and turned up just as we were heading back through the gates back onto Whitehall. 20 seconds later and we wouldn't have been able to head back to the door of Number 10. I will not name names!

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Jo Swinson said...

Aha - the truth will out... Thanks for taking the photos though, they look great.