Monday, June 02, 2008

Rain stopped play

I got a reminder call on Friday evening whilst on the train heading back home that there was a fayre at Sunniside Methodist hall. I try to get to all the fayres and similar events held in my ward. Doing so is a useful way of supporting local groups, maintaining profile and of course, buying plants for the allotment. I bought 7 strawberry plants, whilst David bought a load of bedding plants for the garden.

But going to events like this is also a useful way of sampling public opinion and to find out views on what locally is important. Well, perhaps the local Labour party members who read my blog, especially the one who wrote that half-witted attack on us for supporting our village post office and the campaign to get a cash machine installed, would like to know about the conversations I had with constituents. Are you sitting uncomfortably Mr XXXXX? Then I shall begin.

Labour's victimisation of our local post office has made Labour lots of enemies in the village. People told me they are delighted the planning appeal overturned the decision to stop the post office getting the machine installed. They are looking forward to Labour coming to the village and explaining why they did what they did! Of course, I'll believe it when it happens! And I don't expect much of an apology to Sunniside village from Labour either.

There is of course one obstacle to installing the cash machine. We are awaiting the announcement on which post office branches are to be closed by Labour on Tyneside. That is expected shortly but until then, installation of the machine has to wait.

Anyway, back to my strawberry plants! Having purchased them for 50p each I headed next to the allotment to plant them and do the weeding. Good job I didn't wait til Sunday to do this. Saturday was overcast but without rain. That was not the case on Sunday when it poured with rain. Instead, I wrote, printed and took out to deliverers an estate focus for my ward. And I delivered a patch myself, in between cloud bursts.

Now I am on the train heading to London. We have just past Doncaster. Time to have a snooze. Wake me up at Kings Cross.

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