Monday, June 09, 2008

The Monday Morning Blog - power down and solar powered

It is Monday morning and as usual I am waiting for a train to Kings Cross. And amazingly, National Express have not cancelled my service!

I got a message yesterday to tell me that a fire at a substation in London had cut the power supply to the flat. And then I saw it on the news - a huge fire that had cut the supply to 40,000 homes. The latest is that there is still no power at the flat. I suspect that by now the freezer will be well defrosted. Of course, were we producing power in our homes from microgeneration, the problems of the local substation turning into an inferno would be reduced (though it would be unlikely that people would be able to generate all their power at home.)

Having spent most of the weekend on the allotment, I woke up this morning and bleary eyed I looked in the mirror. I looked like I had spent a week on a Mediterranean beach! Solar power has turned me a shade darker! And my skin now feels it has had an encounter with botox though with the wrinkles remaining! I should have used the after sun lotion yesterday!

The train journey is now underway (we have just passed Durham). This is a short trip to London. I return home tomorrow evening for Alan's funeral on Wednesday.

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