Sunday, June 29, 2008

So what's the news?

When I landed yesterday at Heathrow, I posted a blog and ended by asking what news was there from the past 2 weeks.kay, I knew about Henley as I used my blackberry to check LibDem Blogs on Friday morning. But other news seems to have developed since I set foot back in the UK.

Firstly, as I got to Victoria Station, the news on the overhead screen screamed that Wendy Alexander had resigned. And then back at the flat I discovered that a byuelection is to be held in the Labour seat of Glasgow East. So Labour still in a mess.

I also see that there are 25 candidates for Haltemprice and Howden byelection. It only goes to show that this particular contest is little more than a circus.

And now for something completely different. I tried out one of the bottles of elderflower champagne I had last month. Alas, it has not fermented. But it does make a pleasant cordial drink! I've relabelled the bottles! There should be another batch brewing at home in Gateshead. Hopefully better luck with that.

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Andrea Cave said...

And there's news of a 2nd Scottish Labour MP about to quit Westminster, according to BBC News 24

BlueBerry said...

That's the 185 mention of your blackberry on this site.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Daniel Grey said...

It seems that the yeasts in the elderflower this year have been problematic.

I actually had to add yeast to mine as there was no sign of fermenting whatsoever - not an ideal situation.

I'll let you know how many explosions I have!