Friday, March 14, 2008

At last I am heading home

Having been away from home for nearly two weeks, I am now pleased to be heading north. Whilst I do enjoy conferences, they do take me away from home for too long. Returning home from Liverpool for just one evening last week, only to go back down to London the next morning, did not justify the use of the time. So I headed back to London after conference.

National Express appears to be working properly tonight. Trains are not packed to bursting point and they have even got the right seat reservation for me. The buffet trolley is working and indeed is approaching now. I could do with a cuppa! (I have now given up milk permanently in my tea. Someone gave me tea a few days ago with milk. I drank it anyway. I decided it tastes better without!)

The weekend will involve a mixture of delivering Focuses, tending the allotment, speaking to constituents, getting my hair cut, carrying out a survey, buying new shoes and sleeping. I also have some blog posts to write about the latest antics of the Labour MPs of Tyneside but they may have to wait a few days. (People did tell me at conference that they rather enjoy reading the latest episode of the absurd behaviour, claims and actions of the Anderson-Hodgon-Clelland comedy trio.)

Anyway, sharp intake of breath - I have just paid £2.95 for a tea and a small box of mixed nuts! I'm surprised that Labour MP for Gateshead East, Sharon Hodgson, hasn't proposed a Commons Early Day Motion demanding cheap crisps and cola on trains, just as she is in cinemas. Seems like the sort of idea she would waste everyone's time with.

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