Monday, March 24, 2008

This Labour MP's Norman Tebbit moment

A third of the workforce of Northern Rock is to be made redundant over the next three years. That equates to 2000 jobs being lost. And the response of David Clelland, Labour MP for Tyne Bridge? He says in the Journal and on his website, "If we can't save some of [the jobs], there are other jobs available in the region." Remember Norman Tebbit's "Get on your bike" speech. I am reminded of it by Mr Clelland.

I guess there was a time years ago when job losses of this scale in the North East would have been met with horror by Labour and the likes of David Clelland. Not any more.

Now it appears that Labour's approach to the unemployed is to tell them to get on their bikes. That's assuming Labour haven't already turfed them out of their council homes for being jobless (another appalling idea from the Labour party).

Mr Clelland's comments came hot on the heals of the announcement that the jobless claimant count in the North East went up in February.

David, your comments weren't very tactful, were they?

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