Monday, March 24, 2008

Turn up for school in Whickham

I have just spoken to Tom Hopper, chairman of the governors of Whickham School. He is advising that despite the fire that destroyed the sixth form/staff common room block on Friday, the school is expected to be open on Tuesday. Pupils should turn up for lessons.

The main hall will be used on a temporary basis to replace the space lost in the destroyed block.

Police are continuing to investigate the cause.

Many thanks to pupils, parents and staff who have been reading the blog to keep in touch with what is happening at the school. As soon as I get more information, I'll post it up.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I just wish that this info had come from school itself!

Anonymous said...

its nice to know someones informing us about whats going on its not like the schools bothered.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would just like to say thank you to you Jonathan.
You have been the only person that has even bothered to try to keep parents informed throughout this weekend.
I am shocked and disappointed at the lack of communication and information from the school itself.

Although this has been a crisis, it would seem that the main body of people affected by it - namely the pupils - have been forgotten about.
It would have taken just a few moments to put a notice on the school website to keep us updated.

Many parents will be setting off for work tomorrow not knowing whether their children will be sent home or not.
Not every parent will think to look at the lib dem councillors website for information!!!! (where else? lol)
I find this worrying.

Thank You.

Concerned parent.

Anonymous said...

Possibly nothing has been put onto the school website because it was a holiday weekend and the people who run the website may have been away on holiday.

Anonymous said...

How about staff not knowing if they have to go to work or not!

Anonymous said...

they've moved us all into the main hall staff and students from the sixth form school is to run as usual even though theres no heating in the buildings as the gas and electric are turned off due to the fire. the sixth form is just having to make use of the hall until we leave as their not going to do anything until we leave.

Anonymous said...

The school should not be open.It is unsafe and the main hall is far too crowded.It is also freezing in the classrooms as there is NO heating,and there is also no gas, which has resulted in no school dinners for all pupils.

It is also rumoured that there is a gas leak,and asbestos in the affected area.

Anonymous said...

The school is currently a danger zone. The area in question is cordoned off with tape, which I can tell you does not stop children going into the dangerous area. There is no gas, in class rooms pupils have been claiming to be ill as a result of gas leaks. Also asbestos lines the walls of the library. For the safety of the children at the school it should be closed. It is irresponsible on behalf of the school to have it open.
I'd also like the say that it has been rumored that years 7 and 8 are getting the week off due to the health hazards. This however does not help those in years 9-13 to cope with the problems.

Anonymous said...

The school is closed for the rest of this week for years 7 and 8 due to the lack of teaching space with electric and heating facilities. We have been told the gas pressure in the mains supplying some of the blocks is well below normal level and the source needs to be founded and repairs made. The school is said to be safe, rumours of illness from aspestos and gas are total rubbish! The reason year 9-13 are still attending school is due to the fact they have coursework and external examinations in the near future. The school has been informed by relevant authorities that they are as confident as they can be that the school will be something approcahing normal by Monday 31st March. This may cause some inconvenience at present however the school hope that you can understand that they wer left with no alternative!

This information is directly from the school which was mentioned in briefing!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to commend the school and council for informing the staff of Whickham school in good time before Monday whether it would be open or not. Very helpful...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone bothered to read the school website?

OK it might have been slow to get things going but if there's anything official it should be there.

I think the school's doing the best it can in the circumstances and requires support rather than complaints. There would be far more complaints if students (especially those still in school sitting exams in just over a months time) weren't being taught.

What happened to the Dunkirk spirit?!