Saturday, March 29, 2008

Off to Worksop in the rain

We have just left the house and are heading to Worksop in the pouring rain. And for what reason I hear you not ask? It is a 50th birthday celebration. Not mine! That is still many, many years away (well actually not that many actually!) The person in question is called Alison and was a student with David some decades ago at Newcastle Poly, since reborn as Northumbria University.

I am heading there armed with camera. Talking of which, I went to the Friends of Whickham Library Garden meeting this morning where members asked me to take photos of the garden to use in promotional material. And afterwards I went to the Whickham Community Fayre and took more photos, including of the (Labour) mayor opening it. I have a new photo printer so I think to test it I will run off a couple of pics of the mayor. Sorry to use you as a guinea pig Mr Mayor but needs must! You will of course be able to keep the prints.

Anyway, I will be reporting live from Worksop sometime soon. Bet you can't wait (not)!

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