Sunday, March 09, 2008

Elbows at the ready

Having just done the photos at the Nick Clegg speech, I now find myself in similar physical circumstances. In other words, I am on the train heading out of Liverpool. Doing leader's speech photos requires camera and elbows. Getting on the train and claiming one's seat simply requires elbows. The problem is, the person next to me is all elbows and laptop. On a crowded train, this person is typing away, elbows pointing out, virtually pushing me off my seat. And this guy is double the width he needs to be as he is wearing a heavily padded coat. It is already a hot train.

Anyway, he has not yet taken the physical hint of having his elbow jabbed back at him. I may have words, polite of course. There may be trouble ahead......

And as I write that, Mr Padded Coat has just put his laptop away. I will blog if he suffers from heat exhaustion before the end of the journey.

Talking of Nick Clegg photos as I was earlier, I did a photo op with key seat candidates and Nick yesterday. There is a nack to doing photo ops and getting everyone through on time. Basically, it involves my shouting, instructing, pushing and cajoling. Nick's comment about me whilst I was busy moving candidates around was definitely meant as a compliment......I think!

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