Thursday, March 06, 2008

Euro-bores and mad elephants threatening Camp Cameron

The Tory Euro wild bores have largely been coralled into a small corner behind barbed wire and armed guards ever since of Cameron took over the Tory game reserve as park keeper two years ago. Back in the 90s, these Euro bores had been running free all over the reserve, wrecking everything in sight. They had to be controlled and tamed or else the whole park would die off.

But then, Head Park Keeper Cameron came up with the bright idea of opening the gates of the Euro-bore cage to let the occupants loose. The idea was that the Euro-bores would stampede into Labour and Lib Dem reservations and allow this wily park keeper to grab some extra land.

It seems as though there are a few wild bull elephants in with the Euro-bores as well. They never forget, especially if it's a tedious fact about some obscure clause of some unknow Euro regulation.

The Euro-bores and the mad bull elephant of the Tory party are now free to rampage across the Commons agenda, crashing into everything in sight. Cameron may think he is reflecting the majority view of the people that a referendum should be held, but he will rapidly lose what little interest people have by allowing the Euro-bores to make the running.

But once the Treaty has passed through Parliament, what then? The Euro-bores have been freed from captivity. They have tasted freedom and they have enjoyed it. You can see them licking their lips. They have feasted on Euro hysteria, and they will want more. Cameron may have spent two years trying to show that the Conservatives have changed and are no longer obsessed with issues like Europe. All that hard work could be lost.

Soon those mad marauding wild elephants and bores are going to come crashing through into the Cameron safari camp and wreck his carefully constructed and arranged big tent (only one previous owner).

The Euro-bores are set to trample all over Cameron. He set them free. And they will be heading his way soon. He will have to spend a lot of time trying to round them up to get them back into their cages. But they won't go willingly. Watch out for spilt blood ahead. Or watch out as he is forced to throw then more red meat.

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