Monday, March 03, 2008

Cowley St can eat toast

I blogged last week on the train to London about the Cowley St cake that David had made for my colleagues. Well, my generosity does know its bounds. No more cake, not today at least. Instead, I have a bag with me that is filled with homemade jams. This will be enough to keep colleagues in jam until tomorrow, and a few more days besides.

I found a lemon in the bag this morning. David put it in. This is probably a needless extra weight in my baggage as the last time I checked, lemons were on sale in London. The background however is a small lifestyle change I have made. As well as giving up meat during the week, for environmental reasons (meat production is wasteful and environmentally damaging), I am now into the second week of a new tea drinking regime: no milk. In Cowley St last week, I was having my tea neat. David added lemon over the weekend.

Later this year I will be experimenting with locally grown alternatives to tea. Nettles will be the first to suffer a massacre in pursuit of this lifestyle change! Then I'll be trying elderflower, then raspberries and other fruits. Part of our strawberry crop will be consumed in this way. I will no doubt be blogging on whether the new liquid intake habit has been a success or a disaster.

Talking of blogging, my ninth event to photograph at conference next weekend is now in my diary. The Gender Balance Taskforce has asked me to take pictures at their blog awards. A free glass of wine was offered to encourage my cooperation in this matter. I know my price! For a second glass of wine, I'll do the video as well!

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George said...

Just don't give up the jam making!