Monday, March 10, 2008

The Monday morning train blog

I was rather surprised by the number of people at conference who told me they read my blog and one of the more popular posts is the one I do from the train on Monday mornings on the way to London. As I came down to London yesterday, straight from Liverpool conference, this post is being written as I wait for the delayed train to Victoria - which I can now see approaching!

Temporary interruption whilst I get on train.....

I have to confess that I followed very few of the debates at conference. Instead, I had to cover about 10 events on Saturday for camera duty. Sunday morning saw me hidden away in our office as I uploaded over 1000 photos to my laptop. I was however, in the hall for Nick's speech - there were actually 4 of us (me, Alex, Dave and Jayne) doing the photos so if we aint got anything usable between us, then something has gone badly wrong! One of the jobs I have to do today is to sort all the photos and get them into circulation!

And now news from the home front: Freda, our 19 year old cat, has returned from a visit to the vet and is reported to be in fine health; our seed potatos have arrived; the base for our greenhouse arrives on Tuesday. Well, it doesn't get more exciting than that!

Meanwhile, there is predicted to be a jam famine in Cowley St during this week. As I haven't been home, the Cowley St fridge can't be restocked. Tough....

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