Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My weekly gripe about National Express

I got to Newcastle Central at 7am to catch the 7.20am train to London and for the second week running, my train has been cancelled. Last week's excuse was that the train had broken down. This week's is they "don't have a set". I know what they don't have - an ability to run a bloody train service. It seems barking mad to let a company run train services when they can't even lay their hands on some trains.

There will of course be a race to get the only spare seats on the next train. Bring back GNER, all is forgiven.

To keep warm on the otherwise frozen platform at Newcastle Central, I have invaded the Pumpkin cafe and am heating myself up on a cappaccino. The battle for the train seats starts soon so I might as well be in a good state for it.

Oh well, once more untoo the breach...
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Peter McGrath said...

The 1900 from Kings Cross last Thursday: the two preceding trains trains had been cancelled and it was like something you see in a Michael Palin programme. You couldn't put a pin between the people. Had we been cattle the RSPCA would have prosecuted National Express.