Monday, March 24, 2008

Those wedding photos - yet another photo exclusive!

As promised, the exclusive, Hello style pics from my sister Esther's wedding last Thursday.

  • Starting with the bride and groom themselves, Esther and Ian
  • Lily does her royalty impersonation
  • click your heels together and you'll be back in, errr, Gateshead
  • David and Jayne discuss the merits of wearing fishnet stockings to weddings
  • Best men, bridesmaids and members of the Wallace clan witness the signing of the certificate in which Ian promises to honour and obey all of Esther's instructions....
  • Esther uses her role as bride as an excuse to snog all the men in the room
  • Brother Matthew and daughter Lily in one of those "this picture needs to go on the wall" poses
  • Esther and Ian get the side together in rugby scrum formation
  • Don't forget to feed the ducks and swans in Leazes Park. Apparently it is now (as of Thursday) a wedding tradition
  • No one splashed out on transport so we just hired this old banger routemaster (we signed the contract for it before Boris Johnson cancels bendy buses in London and brings back routemasters in London)
  • spot the difference - younger brother Matthew and older brother Andrew
  • expect this on Facebook soon - Richard wanted a photo with St James Park staduim in the background
  • spot the cake
  • I wasn't allowed to escape being on the other side of the camera, caught posing her with Richard
  • David and Andrew confer on the use of headgear to keep warm in the winter
  • Richard starts canvassing people from London for the mayoral election
  • The camera bit - Dad photos me photoing him photoing me etc
  • Andrew demonstrates to Mam that he does know how to use the camera
  • Donna the photographer leaps out of the undergrowth to catch the married couple
  • David and Richard compete to take the most photos on their phones (I prefer real cameras!)
  • Donna snaps me snapping her snapping me etc
  • Let them eat cake - especially spotted ones
  • Dad and Andrew plot revenge on middle son Jonathan who constantly takes photos of anything that moves
  • Best man Steven was given wellies as a present by the bride and groom - for use on the allotment I understand
  • Don't ask what he's doing with that balloon
  • Jayne prefers artists to photographers. Well, she did marry Matthew!

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