Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday morning blog: gone with the wind

Tickets on the 7.20am train from Newcastle to Kings Cross are like gold dust and have to be bought weeks in advance. So, there I was, feeling rather pleased to have a ticket for this train. It was worth having to get up that bit earlier for it. And then I arrive at the station. Train cancelled due to "technical difficulties." Oh great. Thanks a bunch. So I have half an hour to wait and there will be an almighty war for the few non reserved seats left on the 7.40.

So here I am, sitting on platform 4 at Newcastle Central Station. I am sitting on an aluminium seat. It has been rather chilly overnight so I got a shock to the system when my rear end first made contact with the metal!

Talking of weather conditions, we were hit by the gales last week. We have a small, portable greenhouse which we use for propagating seeds before planting them out. It had a bad time in the gales so a load of caulies, gherkins and other seeds have gone with the wind. David planted a load more over the weekend. I didn't get down to the allotment myself. I did however deliver Focus leaflets and surveys in some of our target wards and did photos in one of our held wards. So it wasn't the case that the whole weekend was blown.

Update on train situation: the next train, a minute ago, was announced as being late by 7 minutes. Now, it is announced as being on time. Don't hold your breath.....
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