Friday, April 11, 2008

And now the Conservatives implode in Northumberland

Anything you can do, we can do better. That seems to be the new catchphrase for the Tories in Northumberland as they attempt to outdo Labour in losing councillors, bloodletting and general mayhem. I blogged earlier about the Labour meltdown in the county as the knives came to save local government careers from disappearing down a plughole, caused by the abolition of the district councils. Well, the Tories are catching up in the chaos stakes.

Step forward Tory Councillors Alex Kerr, Bill Purdue and Ray Thompson from Tynedale. I say Tory. Actually I mean ex Tory as of the close of nominations. They are standing against official Tories for the new unitary Northumberland county council. Somehow, they didn't get the nominations from their mates down at the Conservative club. So this mini army of defecting Tory councillors joins Tynedale Tory Leader on the political battlefield as independents (see my earlier blog about the decision of Tory Leader of Tynedale Council to go independent).

What a mess! I bet the Tories aren't so in favour of spectator bloodsports now!

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