Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lib Dems - middle of the road (literally)

I have just been on the Lib Dems' Fickr site ( and saw that an embarrassingly large number of the photos on it were taken by a certain JW. It did remind me however that on Tuesday I had to crawl out of bed at a deeply unwelcome time of the morning to get to Waterloo Bridge to do the photos of London Mayoral candidate Brian Paddick leading a demonstration in favour of the cross Thames tram link.

One of the photos I took was on the front page of yesterday's Lib Dem News. However, this one just invites the comment about Lib Dems being middle of the road! And frankly, given I had to keep running out into the road and dodging the traffic to get the photos, being on the island in the middle of the road was probably the safest place to be!

I wasn't the only photographer checking for on coming traffic as this photo shows!

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