Saturday, April 05, 2008

Get Focus delivered in time for Dr Who

I'm not sure what happened to the snow predicted for today but other than some rather very short lived feeble attempts to shower us with the odd flake, the adverse weather conditions have not shown up. So I headed off to a couple of our target wards this morning and took the photos for the next Focus for Teams area.

I made the error whilst in our office early this afternoon of offering to deliver two patches in one of our target wards. 400 of the Focuses I had put together through the week and had just helped to print were handed over to me, along with delivery lists. Since I wanted a break from leaflets, I called home first for some lunch and ended up watching a Columbo film on one of those film channels for which I seem to pay an excessive sum of money. The result was I only got out to deliver the two patches I had to do at 4pm. This was a dangerously narrow window of delivery opportunity given that Dr Who started at 6.20pm.

So I rushed round the two patches with the 400 leaflets I had and got interrupted by one phone call from Peter Maughan, our Blaydon candidate, who wanted a story in a Focus leaflet about Xmas lights being refused by the council for one of the villages in the west of Gateshead and by a text from David reminding me that Dr Who was starting.

When trying to deliver in a hurry, it is interesting to note that garden gates always seem to be of factory gate proportions and letter boxes always feel that bit more difficult to get the Focus through. Nevertheless, I got back to the house, all leaflets delivered, with 2 minutes to spare. Life would not have been worth living had I missed the start of Dr Who!

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