Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just as I predicted: rebellion goes with a fizzle rather than a bang

I predicted just a few days ago that the Labour so-called rebellion over the doubling of the 10p income tax rate would fizzle out. Great predictions of our time and this one was pretty accurate! Also coming true is my prediction that a minor concession would be made, and would be spun for as much as they could get away with.

Nebulous promises of jam tomorrow have been made by Brown and Darling. It is totally unclear how jam tomorrow will be spread. Put your bets on some kind of complicated tax credit system under which claimants will have to apply for a rebate rather than receive it automatically. Indeed, expect jam tomorrow with very few being able to reach the jam pot.

All those spineless backbenchers however have been rushing to abandon their "rebellion" and climb back on board the Brown train. That's precisely what you would expect from them: all talk and no action. Meanwhile, within a few days, watch as those same backbenchers vote for a second time for the doubling of the 10p rate. (They voted for it first time on 18th March).

And so to other business. I am now on the train heading to Newcastle. And as so often happens, National Excess has given me a completely different type of seat to the one I booked. To add insult to injury, the person sitting next to me is stuffing food down his throat whilst bellowing down the phone. And he seems to be going through the entire phone directory as well. I've heard more of his personal details that I ever would want to know. He is trying to get people to come to the station to pick him up. Yet he has had no takers!

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