Sunday, April 27, 2008

Leafletting and allotment before the rain

David and I delivered a couple of patches in Whickham and Sunniside this morning where we don't have people to delivery for us as part of our network. We got around the lot in just over an hour. There was an attempt at rain but nothing serious.

So we were free then to hit the allotment! We had someone in a couple of weeks ago to rotovate it. Cheating I know but we would never have had time to dig over the whole site ourselves. So with the ground ready, we already have the spuds planted (done last week) and now have the onions, cranberries and rhubarb planted as well. Rhubard is of course a very important crop for Cowley St. Colleagues kill for rhubard and ginger jam. Take a jar into HQ and generally they are scraping the last bit out by the end of the day!

We don't have a mains water supply so we are dependent on bringing in water in carriers (often my recycled bath water!) or simply waiting for the rain to fall. It seemed as though the skies were waiting for the planting to finish. I got back to the house, went into my office to do some work for the election campaign, and we were then hit by a biblical style downpour. Seems as though the timing was spot on!

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