Monday, April 14, 2008

The monday morning blog: shock as National Express hasn't cancelled my train (and other things)

Well, here I am sitting on the train at Newcastle Central, waiting to head for London. And amazingly, my train hasn't been cancelled! So no gripe (yet) about National Express.

So how was your weekend? Seemed like a typical election weekend for me: writing, printing and delivering Focuses, and still no sign at all of any activity whatsoever from Labour or Tories in my own ward. The Tories are too dead in the water here to get anything out in my ward. Labour will try and get one leaflet out, if last year is anything to go by. It looks likely to be a joint leaflet with the two neighbouring ward (all Lib Dem held) - we have had copies from my mother's ward (she is up for election in Whickham North). The only mention of the three Labour candidates in the leaflet is a reference to them as the "editors". The rest of it is about a former Labour candidate who stood 5 times in the Whickham wards in recent years (and lost badly each time). Three of them saw his vote go into serious decline. He has since gone off elsewhere to get elected. The fact that Labour's leaflet is about a former candidate who was a flop and a failure says a great deal about the state of the Labour party on my home patch.

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